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Call to Africa
Prepaid Phone Cards for Botswana Botswana  2.66
Cheap Phone Cards for Nigeria Nigeria  2.63
International Calling Cards for Zimbabwe Zimbabwe  2.00
Call to Asia
Discount Calling Cards for Bangladesh Bangladesh  0.92
International Prepaid Phone Cards for India India  0.12
International Phone Cards for Nepal Nepal  3.60
Long Distance Phone Cards for Pakistan Pakistan  1.00
Calling Cards for Sri Lanka Sri Lanka  2.99
Call to Asia Pacific
Prepaid Calling Cards for China China  0.07
Free Phone Cards for Hong Kong Hong Kong  0.07
Cheap Phone Cards for Indonesia Indonesia  1.25
International Calling Cards for Japan Japan  0.25
Discount Calling Cards for Korea - South Korea - South  0.13
International Prepaid Phone Cards for Malaysia Malaysia  0.13
International Phone Cards for Philippines Philippines  4.55
Long Distance Phone Cards for Singapore Singapore  0.10
Calling Cards for Taiwan Taiwan  0.10
Prepaid Calling Cards for Thailand Thailand  0.10
Free Phone Cards for Vietnam Vietnam  0.80
Call to Europe
Cheap Phone Cards for Denmark Denmark  0.13
International Calling Cards for France France  0.10
Discount Calling Cards for Germany Germany  0.07
International Prepaid Phone Cards for Italy Italy  0.10
International Phone Cards for Russia Russia  0.33
Long Distance Phone Cards for Switzerland Switzerland  0.12
Calling Cards for United Kingdom United Kingdom  0.12
Call to Latin
Prepaid Calling Cards for Argentina Argentina  0.13
Free Phone Cards for Guatemala Guatemala  2.49
Cheap Phone Cards for Honduras Honduras  4.00
International Calling Cards for Peru Peru  0.20
Discount Calling Cards for Venezuela Venezuela  0.15
Call to Middle East
International Prepaid Phone Cards for Egypt Egypt  3.11
International Phone Cards for Lebanon Lebanon  2.99
Long Distance Phone Cards for Morocco Morocco  0.55
Calling Cards for Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia  2.50
Call to North America
Prepaid Calling Cards for Canada Canada  0.10
Free Phone Cards for Mexico Mexico  0.40
Cheap Phone Cards for United States United States  0.25
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